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1. Who is Shell Vacations LLC?

Shell Vacations LLC is the company that owns and operates Shell Vacations Club. Founded in 1963, Shell Vacations is one of the nations largest independent developers of vacation ownership resorts. Today, with 20 + resorts in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, Canada and Mexico, Shell Vacations serves more than 115,000 owners and members.

2. What are vacation clubs and why did Shell Vacations LLC create one?

After selling traditional vacation ownership for many years, it became obvious to Shell Vacations that vacation lifestyles were changing. Families wanted greater flexibility in the length of time they vacation as well as when and where they travel.

Using Points as a form of "currency", the company created the Shell Vacations Club (SVC). The point-based Club enables members to use the system for as little or as long as they desire, at the time of their choosing, and in the resort location and accommodations of their choice.

3. What are Club Points?

Club Points represent a members reservation and use rights. Every night and all unit types at each resort have been given specific Point values; these Points are used to reserve different lengths of stay and sizes of accommodations. A Points chart lists the Point value for each use night at every Club unit.

4. How are Points used?

The number of Points required for a specific vacation is based on Shell Vacations Club estimate of the demand for use of that accommodation. In making that estimate, Shell Vacations Club considers things such as:

  • The location of the resort selected
  • The dates of the vacation
  • The type of accommodations

Points have great flexibility and may be banked for use the next year, borrowed from the coming year, shared with another Club member and extra Points may be rented for a special vacation or event. Shell Vacations Club Members also enjoy Point redemption for other travel-related benefits such as airline tickets, car rentals, and cruises.

5. When can Points be used?

This depends on when the membership agreement was signed. Generally, the members have twelve months to use each set of Shell Vacations Club Points allocated to them. This is called the Use Year.

6. How many Points does a member have?

The membership agreement states the number of Points each member will receive each Use Year. The Club keeps a record of the number of Points as a Member uses them. Before the beginning of each Members Use Year, the member receives a new allotment of Points, which may be used throughout their Use Year.

7. What happens if the member doesnt use their allotment of Points?

Points are deposited in the members Points account for use in a specific Use Year. If all of the allotted Points cannot be used during that Use Year, up to four months prior to the end of the Use Year, the member may bank unused Points, which may be carried over to the next Use Year. If Points are not banked prior to the four months, they will expire at the end of the Use Year.

8. What if more Points are needed?

If a vacation is planned and requires more Points than are currently available in the members Points account, Points may be borrowed from the next Use Year, or additional Points can be purchased to add vacation time as budgets and needs change. Rented Points may be reserved and used during the Late Opportunity Reservation Period (less than 60 days before check-in day) at a rate determined by Shell Vacations Club.

9. What are Home Clubs?

Home clubs were created to provide members with priority when booking reservations within their club and enable them to maximize the likelihood of reserving exactly the vacation they want. They were also created to conform to the legal and regulatory structure of each specific area. Essentially a club within a club, a Home Club generally includes several Shell Vacations Resorts.

In addition to linking the Home Clubs, the Shell Vacations Club gives members the opportunity to book reservations into any Shell Vacations Club Resort within the entire system.

10. How are reservations made?

  • Decide on the destination and make reservations as early as possible. Be prepared with several alternative vacation choices, especially if popular destinations and/or times of year are being requested.
  • Check the Points Chart to find the point price of accommodations for the desired use nights. The length of vacations requested depends on the time of the request and varies from resort to resort. This may range from a single night to as many nights as the member has Points available to cover.
  • The member should check the Points account to make sure enough Points are available in their account.
  • Reservations can be made using Points from about 12 months in advance to right up to the day of check in.
  • SVC and Affiliated Resort reservations can be made online in the Members Only section of Reservations can also be made by calling an SVC Member Services Representative at 877.743.5510. Requests are usually confirmed on a first-requested, first-confirmed basis.
  • Reservations will not be processed until all appropriate fees have been paid.

11. What annual fees are required?

Annual Club Fees are required to meet the cost of providing reservations and exchange services. There may also be Transaction Fees, which are related to the manner in which a member uses their Points, such as banking Points.

12. Are there owner associations and related fees?

The costs involved in maintaining each resort are known as annual maintenance or association fees. Separate owner associations help determine each members fair share of maintenance costs related to the resorts operation. Shell Vacations Home Club associations assess fees based on the number of Points owned in an individual Home Club. For example, Pacific Home Club members do not absorb the costs of other Home Clubs such as Hawaii and California. In addition, Shell Vacations Club assesses a cost per Point method which ensures fairness in allocating costs for each Home Club.

13. How is the Shells Vacations Club unique from others?

Shell Vacations has spent millions of dollars and many years in creating a Club product that facilitates ease of use and enables its members to go anywhere in the world easily and affordably. Much like a club within a club, members enjoy priority in booking reservations and other benefits. Shell Vacations Club has determined the Points needed for one-night stays in every resort in every Home Club, thus allowing for single night reservations and fulfilling the members desire for even greater vacation flexibility.

Shell Vacations Club has determined nightly Point values for all of its resorts. An example of this valuation is Hawaii compared to San Francisco. With much longer stays in Hawaii, there is little difference between a Saturday or Tuesday. This is not the case in an urban market like San Francisco, which sees considerable weekend visitors. Therefore the nightly point valuations vary.


Using an average purchase of 6,000 Points, here is an example of how these Points can be used:

  • The Donatello: Two nights (Friday and Saturday) during February or October in a studio unit at The Donatello in San Francisco, California is 2,100 Points.
  • Peacock Suites Resort: One Friday or Saturday night at the Peacock Suites Resort in Anaheim, California in a one-bedroom unit in July is 650 Points.
  • Paniolo Greens: Two nights (Monday-Wednesday) in a two-bedroom unit in May or June at Paniolo Greens in Waikoloa, Hawaii is 800 Points.
  • Starr Pass Golf Suites: One full week in June or August in a one-bedroom unit at Starr Pass Golf Suites in Tucson, Arizona is 2,000 Points.



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