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Shell Vacations Club Membership

Owner Conversion to Club Membership

What's the most flexible, user-friendly product you can think of? If you answered Shell Vacations Club, you're absolutely correct. Because Shell Vacations Club covers all your leisure needs in one place. And now is the perfect time to convert your traditional timeshare ownership to the benefits and options of the Shell Vacations Club membership.

Shell Vacations Club was created to change with the needs of timeshare owners. A fixed unit of the same size, at the same time and same location once satisfied the needs of a growing family. But now, with smaller families and shorter vacations, it has become increasingly difficult for some people to use those traditional weeks.

Flexibility is now king. Many owners want to break up their week into shorter segments. They want to exchange for cruises. And they want other benefits, like airfare, car rental, dining opportunities and recreation possibilities.

Shell Vacations Club meets every one of those needs...and then some. The Shell Vacations Club reservation system allows a lot of "any's," as in any size unit, any season, any Shell Vacations Club resort, any arrival day, and any length of time. There's external exchange with Interval International® and the many options of  SVC Collections, SVC LifeStyles and other benefits programs. These programs open up a wealth of additional possibilities for vacations and getaways.

Membership revolves around Points, the currency of the club, which is based on your existing timeshare ownerships. Points are very valuable, because they can be used for virtually anything in the travel business. Head out on an African safari, go whitewater rafting or take a cruise, and much, much more.

Converting to Shell Vacations Club membership is quick, easy and now is the best time. When you convert your traditional timeshare to membership in Shell Vacations Club, you get a long list of benefits and travel options.



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