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Vacations Unpacked

Welcome to your vacation inspiration video series from Destinations magazine. It's all about kicking your already-amazing Shell Vacations Club travels up a notch. You have the spacious suites and top destinations. Now, get the packing hacks and travel tips that will make your future vacations even better.

FALL 2021

Travel Smarter: Fall Trends

To help you plan for vacations this holiday season, here are some trending tips for traveling with a group and exploring popular fall destinations.

Pack This, Not That: Packing Simply

When it comes to packing, less is more. These space-saving tips will help you spend less time cramming your luggage and more time enjoying your vacation.

Mocktails to Cocktails: Shirley Temple

Kick off your vacation with a spirituous or family-friendly twist on this refreshing Golden Coast classic, named after America's Little Darling.

Vacations to "Ride" for: Train Trips

From scenic vistas of the Ozark foothills to historic rides through the Cascade Mountains, these cities are just the ticket for a locomotive adventure.

Owners Out + About: Back to Vacation

Travel is back and owners are sharing some of their favorite tips for returning to vacation and getting ready for new adventures.

Travel Smarter: Ways to Save on Vacation

The cost of dining out on vacation can add up, but with the convenience of in-suite kitchens, you can appease your appetite and your budget.


Melody Bostic Brown is a New York native, Orlando resident, and travel enthusiast. As the publisher of two of the largest circulated travel magazines in the country (Destinations and RCI Magazine), she takes her passion for vacations to a new level and enjoys sharing her tips with the world. But if you really have to sum her up in a few words, she's all about family, wine, storytelling, and '90s R&B — in that order.

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