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Welcome to your vacation inspiration video series from Destinations magazine. It's all about kicking your already-amazing Shell Vacations Club travels up a notch. You have the spacious suites and top destinations. Now, get the packing hacks and travel tips that will make your future vacations even better.


Travel Smarter: Flex Stays

Who says you can't mix work and vacation? Take a flex stay to get a change of scenery while still enjoying all the comforts of home — and then some.

Mocktails to Cocktails: Honey Ginger Lemonade

Honey, ginger, and lemons: three immunity-boosting ingredients hailing from Arizona. Blend for a fresh, flavorful pick-me-up that packs a tasty punch.

Vacations to Drive for: National Parks

Yellowstone, Las Vegas, and the Smoky Mountains are all home to some great state and national parks ready to explore and just a quick drive away.

Pack This, Not That: Coconut Oil

Why pack three different toiletries when one item will keep you covered? Save some space in your suitcase by bringing this essential on your next trip.

Travel Smarter: Activities for All

Finding vacation activities can be a challenge, especially when traveling with a large group. Check out some ideas to keep everyone entertained.

Mocktails to Cocktails: Apple Cranberry Punch

Get ready for a festive, fall drink featuring a tasty Wisconsin staple: cranberries. Grab your crew and mix up a mocktail or cocktail version — or both.


Mocktails to Cocktails: Strawberry Orange Mimosa

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and tasty, local produce. Try this bubbly beverage inspired by the Sunshine State — in "mocktail" or "cocktail" form.

Pack This, Not That: Back to Basics

When it comes to planning for your next trip, these two basics will ensure you have everything you need without overpacking your suitcase.

Travel Smarter: Solo Adventures

Sometimes the best time is a little "me" time. Get the travel hacks you need to turn your next solo vacation into the Best. Trip. Ever.

Travel Smarter: Couples' Retreat

Bucket lists are better with two. No matter what destination you pick, check out these travel tips for a safe, smooth, and successful couples' retreat.

Travel Smarter: Group Getaways

The more the merrier. Whether it's with your family or friends, gather your vacation crew and follow these trip tips to ensure a fun time for all.

Vacations to Drive for: Lively Locales

If you live within driving distance of Park City, Destin, or Scottsdale, hop in the car and hit the road — your next great vacation is just a car ride away.

Pack This, Not That: It's a Wrap

Avoid bringing multiple accessories and space-filling items on your next trip. This single, versatile packing staple will keep you covered — literally.

Mocktails to Cocktails: Texas Margarita

For a tangy, sweet treat inspired by the citrusy flavors found in the Lone Star State, fix yourself a Texas-inspired margarita — with or without the spirits.

Vacations to Drive for: Family-Friendly Fun

Time to take a road trip! Myrtle Beach, San Antonio, and Wisconsin Dells are all prime family destinations with loads to do for all ages and adventure levels.


Melody Bostic Brown is a New York native, Orlando resident, and travel enthusiast. As the publisher of two of the largest circulated travel magazines in the country (Destinations and RCI Magazine), she takes her passion for vacations to a new level and enjoys sharing her tips with the world. But if you really have to sum her up in a few words, she's all about family, wine, storytelling, and '90s R&B — in that order.

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