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Shell Vacations Club Membership

Features & Benefits

Shell Vacations Club is designed to meet your vacation needs no matter how they expand and evolve in years to come. With a growing Shell Vacations Club network of resorts in great destinations plus extra vacation opportunities at thousands of resorts around the world, members can have the perfect vacation when and where they want it.

When you consider the following features and benefits, you'll see that that Shell Vacations Club makes sense for you.

Flexibility and Convenience

Vacation dreams and needs change with the passing of time. This year, theme parks may be the perfect venue. Next year, it could be outdoor adventures. Or perhaps, lying on the beach all day is your idea of paradise, but next time you'll want to golf until the sun goes down. Traditional timeshare requires you to buy a specific property and options are limited.

The Most Desirable Destinations

Outstanding resorts in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Canada and Mexico. And in addition to the 20+ incredible Resorts, vacation opportunities include:

  • International cruises
  • Premium Event Tickets
  • Hawaiian inter-island air travel
  • Hundreds of partner hotels

Not only can you use your Shell Vacations Club points for stays at any of the Shell Vacations Club resorts, you may also use them for other exciting leisure experiences available through SVC Collections and SVC LifeStyles.

Luxurious Accommodations

Relax in spacious, luxuriously appointed accommodations, which provide a home-away-from-home with all of the comforts and amenities you need to relax, take care of the family and entertain friends.

Tomorrow's Vacation at Today's Costs

Save money now and on future vacations. Hotel room costs rise every year, yours do not. Club membership offers lasting memories, enduring quality and fixed affordable costs.

Quality Time with the People you Love

Benefit from convenient and hassle-free planning. Less time planning means more time enjoying friends and family with a stress-free and comfortable vacation lifestyle.



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