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At-Home Benefits

Make staying in feel a little more like a staycation. Discover at-home benefits and activities to help keep boredom at bay.

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Kid-Friendly Entertainment

Cabin fever can be especially tough for kids. Luckily, Highlights Magazine has them covered with puzzles, games, and other activities while you're at home counting down to your next vacation.

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Highlights would love to see the creative work you've made! Share a poem that you've written or a picture that you've drawn, photographed, or painted. Share Your Work with Highlights!

Turn Staying In into Fun Family Time

Being stuck inside is tough, but the good news is you can add a little vacation to your everyday life. Here are some fun things to do — right now, right at home:

Build your own mini-golf course. All you need is a putter, golf balls, and a series of obstacles. Start by using tape to secure nine plastic cups around the room — these will be your holes. Then create obstacles using everyday items like books or boxes. You can even make a tunnel by cutting the bottom off an oatmeal container. When your course is ready, challenge the kids to a game.

Follow a scavenger hunt. Create clues for ordinary objects — or, to save time, copy clues from the web. (Example: "I have four legs, but I don't have feet. I come in handy when it's time to eat." Answer: Dining table.) Print out the clues and place them around the house so that one leads to another. At the end, place a little treasure like a cookie or a toy.

Go stargazing in your living room. You know those string lights on your patio? Hang 'em up around your living room — the more lights the better! You can also DIY a star projector by poking holes into the bottom of an oatmeal canister and shining a flashlight through. Either way, turn off the lights, lie down on your coziest blankets, and make up your own constellations.

Treat yourself to a spa day. Draw a bubble bath, light a few candles, and play the sound of ocean waves on your phone. Take things a step further with a few at-home treatments — apply an egg yolk hair mask, mix sugar and olive oil to sooth chapped lips, or exfoliate your skin using leftover coffee grounds.

Take an indoor camping trip. Round up some blankets, sheets, and couch cushions to build your blanket fort. Clothesline and chairs can be used to prop up the ceiling, while chip clips and rubber bands work as fasteners. Unroll your sleeping bags or, better yet, blow up an air mattress. Turn off the lights, stream a movie, and you've got the ultimate indoor camping experience.

Sing along to feel-good tunes. And a little music to your staycation with this curated Shell Vacations Club playlist featuring songs like: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys, The Remedy by Jason Mraz, and California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas. Just pull up the Find Vacation Anywhere playlist and let the sing-along begin.



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